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Meals 'n' Market makes good nutrition simpler

The $9.95 menu includes honey ginger pork tenderloin (above), as well as chicken cordon bleu, piccata, Milanese, Chasseur, Parmesan and Marsala; grilled chicken and pineapple; and roasted or fried chicken, among other items.
Written by Maria Sonnenberg For FLORIDA TODAY
The Christian Culinarian wants to cut the apron strings that tie you to fast-food joints and grocery stores. The company’s Meals ’n’ Market program delivers chef-prepared meals and groceries to your home or place of business.
“Our mission is to provide busy families, singles, senior citizens and those just tired of cooking with fresh meals and shopping in an effort to make it affordable and easy for everyone and to bring the family back to the dinner table with everyone happy,” said the Christian Culinarian, Chef Cathy Lawrence.
With the Meals n’ Market program, customers select the entrees and sides they want. Meals are delivered ready to eat in microwave-safe containers. Cost for a complete meal starts at $9.95.
The $9.95 menu includes chicken cordon bleu, piccata, Milanese, Chasseur, parmesan and Marsala; grilled chicken and pineapple, roasted or fried chicken; Parmesan-crusted chicken; bistro chicken; Southwest chicken bake; Caribbean grilled chicken; honey-baked ham; honey ginger pork tenderloin and roast pork tenderloin; 6-ounce steakburger, beef and pork sage meatloaf; and garlic-studded beef pot roast. The $10.95 specials are sautéed tilapia and grilled mahi-mahi or salmon.
M ’n’M also does a market stop daily to purchase any groceries customers may want to complete the meal. Delivery times are 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Orders are prepared on a first-come, first-served served basis. Lawrence recommends 24 hours’ advance notice. The meal can also be picked up at the Christian Culinarian kitchen at 2600 Aurora Road, Suite G, Melbourne, through 4 p.m. or by appointment.
For more information, call 321-684-3075 or visit